Concept Review Jumeirah Talise Wellness Resort – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Office: Horwath HTL Hungary – Russia

Overview: Concept review and feasibility assessment for the prototype Talise Wellness Spa concept. This work required the review of global supply trends and consumer needs with special focus on Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The concept was prepared for the Jumeirah Talise Wellness Resort in Dubai

Horwath HTL Solution: Horwath HTL Hungary & Russia have been requested to examine the market feasibility of the proposed Jumeirah Talise Wellness Resort (part of the full redevelopment of the Jumeirah Beach Club Resort and Spa), to provide a clear understanding of current market characteristics and future potential for a Destination Spa resort in the proposed location. It was also required to identify local and international competition and to provide a comparative facility and amenity analysis in view of the full scheme of the proposed spa. The purpose of our report was to assist Jumeirah in finalising an investment decision.

Status: Completed in 2008