System Plan for Tourism Development in the Republic of Kazakhstan Republic of Kazakhstan

Office: Horwath HTL Hungary

Overview: In 2012, Horwath HTL network (Zagreb, Paris, Budapest and Moscow offices), was mandated by the Kazakhstan Industry Development Institute (KIDI) to elaborate the first tourism policy and objective setting document in the country. Scope of work included:

  • Strategic analysis of the tourism sector
  • Strategic vision of tourism sector till 2020
  • Evaluating tourism investment projects
  • Development of the general infrastructure
  • Tourism investment programme for Kazakhstan
  • State support measures for tourism sector
  • Implementing Kazakh tourism development programme

Horwath HTL Solution: Kazakhstan Government decided to see tourism industry as one of the future levers of equal development of the whole country. The system plan has to put in place geographical, legal and managerial issues in one comprehensive system which will make tourism industry grow.

Status: Assignment completed in 2012, on-going regional tourism planning are based on this system plan