Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme

Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme – Hévíz, Hungary

Szolgáltatási kör: Asset Management and Strategic Support
Helyszín: Hévíz, Hungary

Operations and Financial Audit for the former Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme

Horwath HTL Solution: A consortium of Italian banks has financed the acquisition of the Rogner Hotel & Spa Lotus Therme in Hévíz (now trading as Lotus Therme Hotel & Spa) Horwath HTL Hungary & Russia have been commissioned to prepare an overview of the operation, the financial liability and profitability of Hungary’s arguably most well-known wellness spa resort, and the only operated by an Austrian hotel group. Accordingly, Horwath HTL provided its views within a report on the historical and current trading performance, the profitability of the hotel based on the provided business reports. The brief included a review of the management contract and contemplation of alternative management solutions. The engagement also extended to monthly owners/lenders representation.