Szent Orbán Erdei Wellness Hotel

Szent Orbán Erdei Wellness Hotel – Kóspallag-Nagyírtáspuszta, Hungary

Szolgáltatási kör: Valuations & Due Diligence
Helyszín: Kóspallag-Nagyírtáspuszta, Hungary

Operations and financial audit for the Szent Orbán Erdei Wellness Hotel

Horwath HTL Solution:
UniCredit Bank has retained Horwath HTL to review and evaluate the operations, financial efficiency and business plan of this wellness hotel located in a mountain location. The aim of this assignment was induced by the current unfavourable market conditions and operational difficulties resulted in serious cash-flow problems. Our client aimed at providing help for the hotel to be able to get over the difficulties and restructure its financial model therefore commissioned Horwath HTL to prepare an operations and financial audit report concerning the subject hotel.