Thermal Spa & Resort Hotel – Becej

Thermal Spa & Resort Hotel – Becej – Vojvodina, Serbia

Key Service: Planning and Development
Location: Vojvodina, Serbia

Market Assessment and Concept Development Plan for a Proposed Thermal Spa and Resort Hotel Complex in Vojvodina province, Serbia

Overview: Municipality of Bečej (Client) plans the development of a thermal spa and hotel complex on an extensive greenfield area located in close proximity to the town, along the embankment of River Tisza.

Horwath HTL Solution: We have provided a detailed market assessment, site and project appraisal together with a review of the development concept plan in order to confirm the proposed project plans. We have provided commentary and recommendations with regards to the size, standard and configuration of facilities for the proposed thermal bath, adventure spa and resort hotel components. The expert report provided invaluable assistance for the Client in the decision making.